You Recognize It, Don’t You?

You Recognize It, Don’t You?

Hey, Duane here!  “That’s a great looking car”, I stated to the owner of a red 1932 Packard Victoria Dietrich yesterday. He responded, “You recognize it, don’t you?” Caught totally off guard, I paused and thought for a moment.

We were in Auburn, Indiana for the first-ever Auburn Spring Triple Crown, a joint meet of the AACA and CCCA, the Antique and Classic car clubs, coordinated with Auburn Auction Park during their spring automobile auction. We went specifically to see the wide range of classic cars displayed, satisfying my strong passion for magnificently sculpted beauties from decades’ past.

Red 1932 Packard Victoria Dietrich convertible
1932 Packard Convertible Victoria Dietrich

1932 Packard Victoria Dietrich

Taking photos as I transitioned through the cars, I reached a red Packard reminiscent of my father’s. Snapping pictures as I moved around the car, my friend noticed the display card indicating ownership by a friend of my father’s. I walked up to greet the owner and complimented him on the “great looking car”. He responded, “You recognize it, don’t you?” Pausing, caught totally off guard, “Is it Ike’s?”, I asked. Sure enough, it was!

Ike was my father, and he passed away 10 years ago. His complete collection of over 20 vintage cars went to the Wicked Stepmother. While she’s not as wicked as the playful name indicates, she and I had differences of opinion and have not stayed in close contact. Thus, I was unaware that the red Packard had been sold in recent years. It was obvious why this car was reminiscent of my father’s, this was the same car.

Red 1932 Packard Victoria Dietrich convertible, side view
1932 Packard Convertible Victoria Dietrich

It was no ordinary Packard, as if there was such a thing anyway. This was a rare, one-of-four known to exist, custom bodied by Dietrich, V-windshield, Super-8 powered 1932 Packard Victoria Dietrich Convertible. After a spare-no-expense full restoration 35-years ago, it remains in utterly flawless condition. It was great to see it once again looking as magnificent as ever!

Auburn Spring Triple Crown

Beyond this surprise encounter, there were many fine automobiles at the park. A few of my favorites are pictured below. And check back next Sunday as Alluring Autos will cover the Dana Mecum Spring Classic Auction happening this week in Indianapolis. Mecum is one enormous show of 2000 cars, open to paid admission, and they’re all for sale. And in a last-minute surprise, we obtained a Media Pass…ain’t we fancy! Thanks, and always drive with allure!

1931 Buick Convertible Coupe

1932 Chrysler Convertible Sedan-LeBaron

1927 Rolls-Royce Convertible Sedan-Brewster

1930 Cord L29

1937 Cord 812

1947 Ford Superior Deluxe

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