Viper Purchased by Mistake

Viper Purchased by Mistake 

Hey, Duane here! Ever mistakenly offer to purchase a car?

One morning in January 2009, a fellow employee asked if I was interested in purchasing a used Dodge Viper. He had a friend possibly selling his silver 2004 Viper due to economic downturns in the construction business.

With my garages full, I responded I was not looking for another car, but I always welcomed more information.

Dodge Viper Research

While waiting to hear those details, I refreshed my memory on new and used Dodge Vipers over the next couple of evenings. Through that research, two things became obvious.

First was the color. Silver is great for concealing dirt, but other colors are more exciting for a sports car. Second, the substantial bump to 600-hp and other improvements in the newest Vipers made a new one more exciting than the used silver 2004.

During my online research, I found a Georgia dealer with 17 new Dodge Vipers in stock, spanning model years 2008-2009 in both coupes and convertibles. Essentially, they stocked pretty much every color and configuration, with or without stripes.

Click Here to Make Offer

That second night online, home after an evening out socializing with friends, I looked again at new and used Dodge Viper availability and pricing. Then I revisited the Georgia dealer website to view my fantasy choice for a new Viper. Their website displayed a button labeled, “Click Here to Make Offer”. Blame it on alcohol, but I clicked that button and entered a price.

My offer was $20,000 under list, obviously an unrealistic price. Then I went to bed knowing they would never accept my bid. The next morning, I opened emails at work and saw one from the dealer. Imagine my shock reading their message, “Congratulations! We accept your offer.” That was not supposed to happen, and I loudly expressed my shock in the office using a single four-letter word.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT front

What to Do?

After pausing several minutes to consider my predicament, I made two phone calls. First, I called my credit union asking whether they would loan the full purchase price on a new 2008 Dodge Viper if I paid off the loan on my 2007 Corvette Z06. Then I called the Georgia dealer stating, “I guess I should have offered less money.”

Being near the height of the economic recession in January 2009, apparently this Dodge dealer needed to unload inventory. They would obviously lose money on this sale.

Blue 2008 Dodge Viper SRT

I confirmed my Viper purchase during that dealer phone call. With no deposit required, they delivered it to my house one week later.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT rear

This new Dodge Viper SRT was an unsold 2008 in bright blue metallic with black convertible top and black leather seats with microfiber inserts. The 8.4L V10 engine produced 600-hp coupled to the 6-speed manual transmission. Once unloaded from the enclosed carrier, I carefully slid inside for my first time ever seated in a Viper and steered it into my driveway. Total exhilaration ruled that day!

2008 Dodge Viper SRT top down

As for the used silver 2004 Viper that started this progression, I never heard any more information.


Then within a few months, I purchased a second car in 2009. Come back next Sunday for an update. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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