Typhoon Meets

Typhoon Meets

Hey, Duane here! I was on a car-high when my GMC Typhoon arrived via transporter from Portland, Oregon in December 1996. It was the perfect companion to my Supra and Hurst/Olds.

Red Supra, Hurst/Olds, black Typhoon
Red 1994 Toyota Supra
White 1969 Hurst/Olds
Black 1993 GMC Typhoon

All three vehicles were fast, each offering distinctly different performance sensations.

  • The twin-turbo red Supra was a viable sports car with 6-speed manual transmission providing great acceleration, handling, and braking.
  • The white and gold Hurst/Olds was old-school muscle with 455CI engine offering straight-line performance and the expected V8 exhaust growl.
  • The black Typhoon was by far the most practical, transporting four people and luggage comfortably with all-wheel drive versatility and high-performance fun. It also provided the best acceleration sensations.

Syclone and Typhoon Groups

During my Typhoon search, I discovered a couple of nationwide internet groups of Syclone (truck) and Typhoon (SUV) enthusiasts. They shared stories, performance tips, repair guidance, and held regional and national gatherings. These rare vehicles, 1991 Syclones and 1992-1993 Typhoons, were limited-edition performance versions of the GMC compact pickup truck and SUV. Approximately 3000 Syclones were built in 1991, and about 4700 Typhoons were built between 1992 and 1993.

All powered by turbocharged 4.3L V6 engines with 280-285hp, AWD grip, and wide performance tires, the Syclone and Typhoon came lowered from the factory with sport suspensions and wore unique body cladding. They were 0-60 mph fast. Launched properly by first building turbo boost, they thrust you into the back of your seat as the front lifts and shoots down the road.

Meets at My House

These specialty vehicles developed a loyal following. I found a list of owners on the internet group and searched for locals in the Indianapolis area. Then I invited that handful of owners for a meet-up at my house during the summer of 1997. My friend Don, instrumental in introducing me to Typhoons, joined with his green and gray 1992 Typhoon.

GMC Syclone, three GMC Typhoons in white, green, black
Black 1991 Syclone (Josh)
White 1993 Typhoon (Tolliver)
Green/Gray 1992 Typhoon (Don)
Black 1993 Typhoon (Duane)

Pacers Rik Smits Typhoon

During my search for local owners, I surprisingly found Rik Smits on the list, as in Pacers Rik Smits. He responded and stopped by for a personal visit. At 7'4", he was one extremely tall, lanky athlete, and my furniture was dwarfed as he sat down. The visit was quite enjoyable, and Rik joined that fall at my house for a meet, driving his customized Typhoon with checkered graphics. Very cool looking indeed!

Rik Smits Typhoon
Pacers Rik Smits and his custom Typhoon, photo circa 1997

Rik also owned a Syclone but was too tall to effectively sit inside and drive it.

Those early days with my Typhoon friends were truly fun times! Next week experience drag racing Typhoons on a local quarter-mile drag strip. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

Rik Smits Typhoon
Pacers Rik Smits Custom Typhoon
 Rik Smits Typhoon

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