Shame on Ford

Shame on Ford

Hey, Duane here! Customer loyalty requires customer satisfaction. Kill both by not standing behind the product. Shame on Ford for not correcting their manufacturing defect.

3 Years 9 Months

Purchased new for bad-weather, my 2006 Ford Mustang GT was my only car not hand washed. Instead, it routinely went through an automated car wash to effectively remove road salt from inaccessible areas.

Garaged and driven 4500 miles a year, my 2006 Mustang registered 17,000 miles by early 2010. Only three years and nine months old, imagine my surprise when a friend identified corrosion on the lip of the hood while waxing the car.

Ford Mustang GT - shame on Ford for Mustang hood corrosion - Ford didn't care
2006 Mustang GT before hood corrosion

Ford Mustang Hood Corrosion

The Ford dealer referred me to their body shop, where they identified corrosion originating from the welding seam underneath the front lip of the aluminum hood.

Caused by cross metal contamination during the manufacturing process, my Mustang hood corrosion slowly spread from the underside welding seam to the more visible front lip. Even if never driven, the hood would still corrode in the same manner because of the faulty seam.

The body shop could repair, repaint, and restripe the hood, but no guarantee would be offered. They explained that the contaminant in the welding seam would cause corrosion to slowly return unless the hood was replaced.

Now back at the dealer, I learned that the Ford 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty expired nine months before the corrosion was noticed. The separate Ford 5-year corrosion warranty remained in effect but did not cover surface corrosion or paint bubbling.

Let me repeat! The Ford corrosion warranty did not cover surface corrosion stemming from their manufacturing defect.

Claim Process

The dealer suggested I contact Ford directly and prepare a written statement detailing my Mustang hood corrosion. Weeks after submission, I received a generic written response with a reference number and phone number to call.

That subsequent phone call took an hour. The first 45-minutes was spent waiting on hold with no option for a return call. The next 15-minutes was a mix of identifying myself, waiting, being transferred, waiting again, and then being told decisively in a three-minute conversation that Ford would not cover the Mustang hood corrosion. That should have been stated in their written response rather than wasting an hour of my time on the phone.

Ford Didn’t Care

  • Ford didn’t care that my Mustang had only 17,000 miles.
  • Ford didn’t care that the corrosion originated from a manufacturing defect.
  • Ford didn’t care that the spreading corrosion was not easily noticed during the warranty period.
  • Ford didn’t care that numerous 2005-2006 Mustangs had identical hood corrosion issues.

No Warranty

With zero support from Ford, my choices were to 1) watch the corrosion spread or 2) replace the hood at a cost of $2000 including painting and striping. I eventually chose option #2. Not wanting another Ford aluminum hood, I bought an aftermarket fiberglass hood.

Ford Mustang GT with replacement fiberglass hood because of Mustang hood corrosion
2006 Mustang GT with new fiberglass hood

Shame on Ford

Ford should have fixed their manufacturing defect. By not accepting responsibility for the Mustang hood corrosion, Ford screwed me out of $2000 with no recourse. Shame on Ford!

Stepping back to 2006, my Ford Mustang was not the only new car purchased that year. Next Sunday, see what else changed in the garage. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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