Second Lincoln Mark IV

Second Lincoln Mark IV 

Hey, Duane here! Sometimes you want to be thrust into the back of your seat and other times you want your backside pampered. Such is my balance of newer sports cars and old-school luxury cars.

Garage Update

With my mistaken Viper purchase in January 2009, my six garages overflowed with seven cars. Four garaged at home and three more squeezed into the two-car garage behind my rental house. Those seven cars consisted of my recently purchased 2008 Dodge Viper, 2007 Corvette Z06, 2006 Mustang GT, 1993 GMC Typhoon, 1978 Avanti II, 1974 Cadillac Eldorado, and 1969 Lincoln Mark III.

I needed fewer cars or more garages. My home of four years sat on two wooded acres providing land for another garage. A good friend connected me with a professional builder that normally did not construct garages, but economic times were tough for builders in 2009.

Green 1972 Lincoln Mark IV

During the subsequent design and variance process to build this detached four-car garage at home, I found an original 1972 Lincoln Mark IV with only 18,000 actual miles in virtually new-car condition. This 37-year-old Mark IV was green inside and out with original silvery green metallic paint, dark green vinyl top, and dark green leather interior.

A friend of a friend lived in Minnesota near this Lincoln Mark IV and confirmed its impressive condition. Reasonably priced, I eventually purchased it sight unseen and shipped it via enclosed carrier. Having no place to park it, I temporarily garaged one car at the office while construction of my new detached garage ensued. Once completed, all eight cars finally garaged at home, including this green Lincoln.

1972 Lincoln Mark IV green side
1972 Lincoln Mark IV

Minor Issues

Cosmetically, there were no regrets with the condition of this green Lincoln. Previously displayed in a museum with other collector cars, it now parked next to my maroon Lincoln Mark III, the same car that a year later backed over me.

Unfortunately, as often occurs with cars stored for long periods, there were minor issues. Sediment in the gas tank of this green Lincoln caused repeated drivability problems until the tank was properly cleaned and the carburetor rebuilt.

This green Lincoln was my second 1972 Lincoln Mark IV owned. My first Mark IV was a prettier combination of bluish silver with black vinyl top and red leather interior, but the condition of this green one was far superior. The classic look of 1972 (first-year) Lincoln Mark IVs, with their tall front grill and slender front bumper, really appealed to me. Oval opera windows enhanced the rear sail panels and the signature Lincoln continental kit graced the rear deck lid.

1972 Lincoln Mark IV green front
1972 Lincoln Mark IV

Power came from Ford’s 460CI V8 engine with 215-hp. I made one non-factory change to this Mark IV with the installation of a thicker anti-sway bar for increased stability when cornering. It was a concession to my passion for sportier performance.

Later that same year in 2009, I participated in my second exotic supercar driving event, this time in Minnesota. It was a much smaller version of the inaugural World Class Driving Festival experienced in southern Indiana the previous year. Both of these supercar driving experiences opened the door to next year’s purchase. Next Sunday, read about my subtle choice. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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