Mustang GT

Mustang GT

Hey, Duane here! By May 2006, I’d driven the Beetle Turbo S as my bad-weather car for the past couple of years. It always made me smile but not once did friends state they thought I would one day own a Volkswagen Beetle.

Instead, friends commented they never thought they’d see me driving one. Increasingly disheartened by such comments, maybe the time was approaching for a different bad-weather car.

Ideal Choice

My rare 1993 GMC Typhoon originated as my bad-weather vehicle, but over the years it transitioned to pleasure use. A modern interpretation of the Typhoon would be perfect for bad weather, but no automotive manufacturer shared my vision. Consequently, the new Ford Mustang had my attention in 2006.

Black 1993 GMC Typhoon
1993 GMC Typhoon

Ford Mustang GT

The newest generation Mustang, introduced the previous year, looked great. After months of contemplation, I evaluated the Mustang and searched local dealer inventories for my ideal choice.

The Mustang GT was Ford’s most powerful Mustang in 2006, featuring 300-hp from the 4.6L V8 engine. Envisioning my preferences, the transmission should be an automatic as my Corvette Z06 featured a 6-speed manual. It should be fully optioned including a quality sound system. And the color should be silver, like my Beetle, making dirt less visible. After all, a bad-weather car doesn’t get washed as often since it’s normally only driven in bad weather.

Only one in-stock Mustang in the city matched all my requirements. It featured everything I wanted except for the wheels, which the dealer offered to change. Thus, this new 2006 Mustang GT Premium in metallic silver was exactly what I would have special ordered. The addition of charcoal stripes enhanced the look.

2006 Ford Mustang GT, bad-weather car
2006 Mustang GT

Unfortunately, the dealer was less excited about my Volkswagen Beetle as a trade-in so I financed the new Mustang without a trade. Then two days later my Mustang got a sidewall tire puncture. The life of that unrepairable tire was indeed very short.

Farewell Beetle

Afterwards, I prepared an online advertisement for my 2003 Beetle Turbo S, and it surprisingly sold to a dealer from the East Coast. Presumably he had an interested customer. The proceeds went towards my house renovation.

I admit choosing the Mustang GT as my bad-weather car was unusual but then so were most of my past choices. Snow tires mounted to separate rims supplemented the Mustang’s performance tires. The limited-slip differential propelled both rear tires through snow. And placing bags of salt in the trunk provided needed weight over the rear wheels in winter months.

Four Cars at Home

My four cars in mid-2006 were now the 2006 Mustang GT, 2002 Corvette Z06, 1993 GMC Typhoon, and 1978 Avanti II. All were home as my house purchased the previous year featured a four-car garage. That meant three vehicles stayed clean while the Mustang ventured out in bad weather.

This Ford Mustang would not be the only new car purchased in 2006. In two weeks, see what else changed in the garage. Meanwhile, next Sunday shame on Ford for not acknowledging their manufacturing defect. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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