Mazda RX7

Hey, Duane here! The owner was deploying overseas in 2002 and selling his 1980 Mazda RX7. It was too nice to pass up.

I occasionally scanned newspaper classifieds and found the RX7 advertised locally, having caught my attention because of its originality and low mileage. It was an unexpected bargain.

Mazda RX7

This 1980 Mazda RX7 was metallic gold with tan seats. It had a manual crank sunroof, manual windows, and an aftermarket stereo. No options. The test drive was my first experience with a rotary engine. No power match for my cars, this RX7 with 5-speed manual transmission was none-the-less very fun to drive. It sounded good, was in beautiful condition with original paint, and had no apparent issues.

Gold 1980 Mazda RX7
Mazda RX7 (like mine)

RX7 Purchase

Fortunately, car storage ceased to be an issue. Earlier in 2002, I purchased a small house with a nice garage in a transitional neighborhood. I rented the house to cover the mortgage and used the garage to store cars.

RX7 purchase completed, I drove it directly to my rental house. I put the RX7 to bed in the garage with the car cover provided by the seller and never drove it again. It sat there for months.

I bought the RX7 to control who owned it next, not to drive it myself. It was priced right and in far too nice of condition to pass up. It would have been a great car for the person I was dating in early 2002, but fortunately that roller-coaster relationship ended soon thereafter. That person never knew of the RX7’s existence.

Sale of Lincoln Mark III

Doing the math, this RX7 made for five cars in total. Two garaged at home meant three in the garage behind the rental house. Three cars barely squeezed inside making only the middle car easily accessible. This inconvenience added incentive to sell the unreliable blue Lincoln Mark III.

Sale of Mazda RX7

My housemate had been interested in the RX7 since my purchase. I initially dismissed his suggestions, but after several months of storage, I sold the RX7 to my housemate at my original purchase price.

Gold 1980 Mazda RX7

RX7 Conclusion

Sadly, there was no happy ending for the RX7. The perfectly preserved, low mileage RX7 encountered its first tragedy within months of leaving my garage. Someone turned in front of my housemate causing minor damage. The RX7 repair was not a perfect color match. Then early the next year someone veered across the center line, and the head-on collision sent my housemate to the hospital.

That beautiful RX7 was a mangled mess. Such a sad ending after being preserved for the first 23 years. My housemate was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately, he fully recovered but returned to owning larger, more practical vehicles.

Having sold the Lincoln and Mazda, I was back to three vehicles: Supra, Typhoon, and Corvette. If only I had a “bad-weather” car parked outside to drive in rain and snow so the clean cars in the garage could remain spotless. Next Sunday, see what came next. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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