Lincoln Mark IV

Lincoln Mark IV

Hey, Duane here! The year was 2003 and the plan seemed simple. Buy an affordable used car for bad weather. However, accomplishing this goal was far more difficult. After all, I became sidetracked once already. It happened when I could not resist the unexpected opportunity to purchase the black 1969 Lincoln Mark III. That beauty was far too nice for bad weather.

Bad Weather Car

Soon thereafter my search resumed for the elusive bad-weather car because one thing was certain. I was indeed tired of washing cars so often. Thus, parking an affordable used car outside to drive in rain and snow was my best solution to keep the two cars garaged at home clean. Limited by my relatively small budget, I considered a variety of choices but was uninspired by those I could afford. After all, I wanted something interesting. I was never one to consider an ordinary vehicle.

The recent purchase of the beautiful 1969 Lincoln Mark III impacted my preferences in 2003. I could not shake the idea of my bad weather car being an older Lincoln, but the Mark III was far too nice. Not normally considered for bad weather, I eventually stumbled upon an interesting possibility. It was a 31-year-old 1972 Lincoln Mark IV for sale in another state.

Silver-blue 1972 Lincoln Mark IV, front
1972 Lincoln Mark IV (photo by subsequent owner after repainting)

Lincoln Mark IV

I liked the look of the Lincoln Continental Mark IV, specifically the first model year 1972. This generation Mark IV featured a host of luxury enhancements over the Mark III model. Among the exterior changes were the taller, more pronounced front grill, raised hood ornament, and oval opera windows in the rear sail panels. As expected, the signature Lincoln continental kit on the rear deck lid continued as did the 460CI V8 engine.

Unique only to the first year 1972 Mark IV were the slender chrome bumpers and turn indicators. The following year Lincoln switched to the massive 5-mph crash bumpers mandated by law, which altered the appearance.

This advertised 1972 Lincoln Mark IV was striking in silver-blue with black vinyl roof and red leather interior. It was priced right and nice, but not too nice. All power features functioned properly, and it drove well. Having another weak moment, I purchased the Mark IV.

Silver-blue 1972 Lincoln Mark IV, rear
1972 Lincoln Mark IV (photo by subsequent owner after repainting)

I admit choosing the Lincoln Mark IV as a bad-weather car was disrespectful to the car. Not surprisingly, I felt guilty using the Mark IV in this manner as it deserved to be sheltered from inclement weather. But I really wanted one and this was my solution.

Snow Tires

I subsequently bought four white-walled snow tires for this Mark IV, and they sure helped that approaching winter. This classic beauty did park outside, and it was used as my bad-weather car in rain and snow. It proved to be a dependable, although unusual choice.

Come back next Sunday and experience the upheaval that occurred the next year. As part of this extended series on past cars owned, you can easily catch up on any blogs missed. They’re all quick reads. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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