Lincoln Mark III

Hey, Duane here! Clean cars meant choosing which clean one to drive when it rained. Tired of washing cars, I wanted a “bad-weather” car parked outside so both cars garaged could remain clean.

Lincoln Mark III

It was 2003, and I considered different used cars for bad-weather. During this search, I found a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III advertised locally. It was the same model and year as my previous blue Lincoln Mark III that had mechanical issues.

This one for sale really got my attention in black with black vinyl roof, power moonroof, and tan leather interior. It was in finer condition with fewer miles than my previous blue one. The engine was the same 460CI V8 with automatic transmission. It featured full power accessories, many of which were vacuum operated.

I still could not resist those rakish lines of the Mark III. The seller made an offer I could not refuse, and I bought it.

Black Lincoln Mark III, side view
1969 Lincoln Mark III (like mine)

The problem was that this black Lincoln Mark III was no bad-weather car. It was far too nice to park outside so it became my fourth clean car in rotation, garaged either at home or at the rental house.

Issues with this black Lincoln were minimal so there were no regrets with its purchase. I enjoyed looking at AND driving it. The Lincoln experience was a relaxing change of pace, both smooth and quiet. It was very different from my performance vehicles. In a nod to performance, I did add an anti-sway bar to improve cornering.

Black 1969 Lincoln Mark III, front view
1969 Lincoln Mark III (like mine)

Bad Weather Car

Purchase of the black Lincoln Mark III added incentive to find a suitable bad-weather car to park outside. Thus, my search continued, albeit with a relatively small budget.

Come back next Sunday for my selection of the bad-weather car. Never one to consider an ordinary vehicle, it was not an obvious choice. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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    1. Baby Lincoln. Funny! This 2-door “baby” Lincoln Mark III at 216.1 inches (just over 18-feet) is only 6-8 inches shorter than the 2017 extended wheelbase Navigator or 1969 Continental 4-door sedan.

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