First 13 Cars, 1975-2002

Hey, Duane here! My first 13 cars, 1975 to 2002. Find a pattern?
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My First 13 Cars, 1975-2002

(1st)  1971 Plymouth Barracuda, “The Pickle”

First owned of first 13 cars, 1971 Plymouth Barracuda
Purchased 1975, Sold 1976
Turning 16, I purchased my first car, nicknamed “The Pickle” by my sister. My driving style did not match well with the stripped-down Barracuda.

(2nd)  1969 Hurst/Olds

Second owned of first 13 cars, 1969 Hurst/Olds
Purchased 1976, Sold 1978
I bought this Hurst/Olds in Detroit and drove it home. It replaced “The Pickle” and possessed more power than most high school kids should have access to.

(3rd)  Identical-Twin 1969 Hurst/Olds

Third owned of first 13 cars, Identical Twin 1969 Hurst/Olds
Purchased 1978, Sold 1998
In college, I loved my Hurst/Olds so much that I purchased an identical-twin found in Florida. In nicer condition and featuring factory air conditioning, it was worth keeping for 20 years.

(4th)  1962 Triumph TR4

Fourth owned of first 13 cars, Triumph TR4
Purchased 1978, Sold 1979
I purchased this cheap “bad-weather” car so my pristine Hurst/Olds could remain garaged. This Triumph had been modified with 350CI V8 engine and automatic transmission. It was scary fast and had no heater.

(5th)  1979 Hurst/Olds

Fifth owned of first 13 cars, 1979 Hurst/Olds
Purchased 1979, Sold 1981
Before my junior year in college, I rationalized that the new 1979 Hurst/Olds was attainable if I sold the Triumph and worked summers and school breaks to cover the payments. It felt like an adult car.

(6th)  1982 Toyota Supra

Sixth owned of first 13 cars, Red 1982 Toyota Supra
Purchased 1982, Sold 1987
My new car after college, this fun-to-drive Supra combined sports car looks and acceptable practicality with fold-down rear seats and a usable hatchback. It was a great companion to my 1969 Hurst/Olds.

(7th)  1987 Toyota Supra Turbo

Seventh owned of first 13 cars, White 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo
Purchased 1987, Sold 1995
I traded my original Supra for this new turbocharged model. It offered modern looks and a significant power increase while maintaining much of the Supra’s practicality.

(8th)  1969 Cadillac Eldorado

Eighth owned of first 13 cars, Red 1969 Cadillac Eldorado
Purchased 1991, Sold 1992
This beauty, best viewed from a distance, was my first Cadillac. Owned for less than a year, it matched my toy Eldorado from childhood and temporarily satisfied my desire for older luxury cars while owning the Supra and Hurst/Olds.

(9th)  1994 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo

Ninth owned of first 13 cars, Red 1994 Toyota Supra twin-turbo
Purchased 1995, Sold 2004
This next generation Supra was noticeably faster and more expensive. Trading my 1987 Supra, I purchased this new model, unsold from the previous year, to afford the payments. Then it got stuck in two-inch snow.

(10th Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz)

Tenth owned of first 13 cars, Blue 1980 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
Purchased 1995, Sold 1996
Purchased from a friend, this was my bad-weather car since the 1994 Supra had an aversion to snow. Unfortunately, this Cadillac’s high-mileage made it far too unreliable to own more than a year.

(11th)  1993 GMC Typhoon

Eleventh owned of first 13 cars, Black 1993 GMC Typhoon
Purchased 1996, Sold 2015
The Typhoon was a perfect replacement for the Biarritz and a great companion for the twin-turbo Supra and Hurst/Olds. It combined AWD with sensory turbocharged performance while transporting four people. I kept it for years.

(12th)  1969 Lincoln Mark III

Twelveth owned of first 13 cars, Blue 1969 Lincoln Mark III
Purchased 2001, Sold 2002
A beautiful car, but sadly one that I eventually liked looking at more than driving. Too many unexpected problems with this Lincoln meant it was not a keeper.

(13th)  2002 C5 Corvette Z06

Thirteenth owned of first 13 cars, Blue 2002 C5 Corvette Z06
Purchased 2002, Sold 2006
It might have been a BMW M Coupe, but this new C5 Corvette Z06 was faster and far more sensory. Definitely my style, it was a great companion to the Supra and Typhoon.

See a Pattern?

All two-door vehicles. All distinctive. All fast or classically elegant.

What Came Next?

In early 2002, garage space was the issue. I owned the Typhoon, Supra, Corvette, and Lincoln Mark III, but had only a two-car garage. Next Sunday, see how I resolved the garage issue and what I spontaneously purchased soon thereafter. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

3 thoughts on “First 13 Cars, 1975-2002”

  1. Love this series. Will never forget the Hurst Olds, us going to lunch soon after we first met in the white Supra, or the time I was visiting Indy from Chicago and you picked me up in the blue ‘ Vette. The only car you owned I didn’t like was the Biarritz, and apparently for good reason

    1. The dark blue Biarritz was very pretty to look at. I still love the lines, and I sure was disappointed that it was not dependable. It saved me that first winter eliminating the need to drive the red Supra in snow and gave me a year to decide to replace the Biarritz with the Typhoon. I’d talk more about the Biarritz body style but such comments are delayed until later this year. Thanks for commenting and love the detailed memories!

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