Farewell Supra and Mark III

Farewell Supra and Mark III

Hey, Duane here! Sadly in 2004 I chose which cars to sell after becoming unexpectedly unemployed. No one needs five cars with an uncertain future. Thus, I quickly analyzed each vehicle, accessing its importance and usefulness.

Lincoln Mark IV

My most recent car purchase was the 1972 Lincoln Mark IV. This 32-year-old classic parked outside for use in bad-weather. Although I felt guilty using it in this manner, I really liked this car and bad weather was my justification for owning it. A dependable car in good condition, it was a keeper for the moment.

Silver-blue 1972 Lincoln Mark IV, rear
1972 Lincoln Mark IV

MK IV Supra and Corvette Z06

My two sports cars were the red 1994 Toyota MK IV Supra and blue 2002 Corvette Z06. Both purchased new, each offered a distinct experience. The red MK IV Supra was somewhat rare with few originally sold. And it offered a level of practicality not matched by the blue Corvette Z06.

2002 Blue C5 Corvette Z06
2002 Corvette Z06

Although the red MK IV Supra twin-turbo held (and still holds) my top speed record of 156 mph, the V8-powered blue Corvette Z06 was even faster, more aggressive, and obviously newer. Thus, assuming the Corvette would not become my only vehicle, it won this contest and was the keeper.

Red 1994 Toyota Supra twin-turbo, MK IV Supra
FAREWELL 1994 Toyota MK IV Supra

I placed an online advertisement for the red Supra, and it sold almost immediately to a buyer from Chicago. Considering how difficult it was for Toyota dealers to sell the 4th generation MK IV Supra when new, they certainly developed a strong demand in the used car market.

GMC Typhoon and Lincoln Mark III

My other two garage-kept cars were the 1993 GMC Typhoon and 1969 Lincoln Mark III. The GMC Typhoon was loud and aggressive, somewhat like my sensory Corvette Z06. The Typhoon provided turbocharged all-wheel drive performance, a useful back seat, and the capacity to transport cargo. It could become my sole vehicle if I ultimately kept only one. Thus, it was not for sale.

Black 1993 GMC Typhoon
1993 GMC Typhoon

By comparison, my black 1969 Lincoln Mark III in beautiful original condition was purely a pleasure vehicle with little practicality. Thus, it lost this contest.

Black Lincoln Mark III, side view
FAREWELL 1969 Lincoln Mark III

I placed a for-sale sign in the window of the Mark III and parked it in the driveway near the street. This head-turner had great exposure and sold within the week.

Sold Too Quickly

Having sold two cars within the week, I was recovering from the shock. It happened far quicker than anticipated. Thus, I had no plans to sell more cars without a clearer vision of my future. Instead, I devoted time to repainting and freshening my house.

Ultimately, I was unemployed three weeks before work issues were resolved. I returned to work and was paid for my time unemployed. I regretted selling two cars so quickly, but I reminded myself that I didn’t need all five. And the sale provided funds to renovate another house as a rental.

Three cars instead of five meant no cars were stored elsewhere. The Corvette and Typhoon stayed clean in my garage at home while the Lincoln Mark IV parked outside for use in bad weather.

Later that year, job stabilized, I made an unplanned purchase. In TWO weeks, find out which car no one expected me to purchase. Meanwhile, next Sunday read the important distinctions on car insurance that I only understood in recent times. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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