Chicago Auto Show 2017

Chicago Auto Show 2017

Unusually warm spring-like temperatures spurred a last-minute Chicago trip for the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. A prior commitment precluded us from opening weekend.

Canon G9X Mark II Camera

I used my two-day-old Canon G9 X Mark II camera. It literally just arrived when I walked into the camera store. Newly-released, it perfectly met my requirements, fitting comfortably in my jeans pocket with picture quality far superior to my iPhone residing in my other pocket. I found no rivals.

Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show

Now on with the show! You may have read opening day commentary from news outlets. “The 2017 Chicago Auto Show is All about the Trim Levels and Special Additions” headlined And the “Worst in Show” segment presented by Interesting approaches to show highlights. So, I already knew this year’s show was tame before entering.

Maybe you experienced the Chicago auto show firsthand, maybe you’re planning for the New York auto show in April. Or maybe you’ll see something new and exciting at Cars & Coffee. I’ll limit the commentary and present you with a dozen show pictures from the new camera.

And I learned something new. The Chicago auto show has the largest attendance of any auto show in North America. Interesting!

Bentley Gold Coast

Afterwards, we headed to Bentley Gold Coast in downtown Chicago. Who doesn’t like seeing Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati parked on the street and more showcased inside.

We departed hungry and walked the few blocks to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab. If you’ve never sampled Stone Crab, the claw is an absolute delicacy! This is neither Joe’s Crab Shack nor an ordinary crab dinner.

This first post is intentionally short. Next week I’ll comment about Alluring Autos. Whether an exotic, sports car, muscle car, or classic, we’re interested and hope you are too.

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