Fair and Marketable Price?

Several sources specialize in tracking collector car values and classic car values based on the condition. Alluring Autos offers links to suggested car value sources.

Factors Affecting the Price

Desirability of the specific model, its uniqueness, year, condition, and mileage are obvious influences. So are the motivation levels of the buyer and the seller. Also, overall market trends for collector cars impact individual values.

The automobile marketplace changes over time as preferences change. Some models increase in value more quickly than others, some may not hold their value. An original car stored in a vault has limited appeal if it’s not what many people desire.

Collector car values
Classic car values

Car Value

Some car value sources differentiate between wholesale, private retail, and dealer retail prices. Some focus more on vintage and classic car values, others more on recent models. Occasionally, there is no suggested value because of limited data.

Invest the time to research the value of that cool car, and then compare the collector car values between the sources. Use the helpful guidance of these sources to recognize and negotiate a fair, marketable price.

Some also provide reviews, specifications, and additional resource tools to assist and better educate. Investigate by clicking on the following car value links.

Black Book CPI (subscription)
Collector Car Market Review
KBB Kelley Blue Book
NADA Guides
Old Cars Report (fee charged)

(For reference only. We have no affiliation with these car valuation companies.)

Inspections and Appraisals

Automobile appraisers and inspectors take car valuation to the next level by personally evaluating the vehicle. Nothing beats an on-site assessment by a knowledgeable, qualified professional. They visually inspect and document the vehicle to report its condition in detail, provide an objective opinion, and often a valuation appraisal of the automobile. It’s far more accurate than relying solely on photos and descriptions supplied by the seller.

Insurance Options

The importance of proper insurance cannot be overstated. Valuation and Usage are key considerations. No one wants to learn after an incident that their special car was not properly or fully insured. Click Insurance for information on insuring collector cars and the difference between stated value and agreed value insurance.

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