Collector Car Financing

In the market for a cool vintage or collector car? Maybe it’s a classic or a muscle car, or maybe an exotic or sports car. Regardless, there are financing options should you not have enough cash laying around to easily complete a cash purchase. Alluring Autos doesn’t finance cars, but we offer suggestions.

Car Value

Obviously, part of the decision process in purchasing an alluring automobile is to know what a reasonable price might be. Fortunately, several sources specialize in tracking car values. Click Car Values for information on identifying current and reasonable values of the cars you are considering.

Collector Car Financing, Classic Car Financing
Stated value insurance, Classic Car Financing

Collector Car Financing

You don’t have to stockpile cash to purchase a special vehicle. Whether purchasing new or used, exotic or classic, there are several financial sources that offer extended term loans at reasonable rates to finance your special car purchase.

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a loan is the bank, but that may be more difficult when not purchasing a newer vehicle. Home equity loans may be a distinct possibility, especially if already open with funds available.

Dealers, even specialty car dealers, usually have one or more established financing connections available for their car buyers. After all, it’s much easier to sell a classic or collector car when the need for available cash is minimized.

Thus, if your bank is less than enthusiastic, search out alternative financial sources because they exist. Also click Classic Car Financing for additional information.

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Definitely consider the benefits of an official appraisal or inspection highlighted below before signing on the dotted line.

Inspections and Appraisals

Automobile appraisers and inspectors take car valuation to the next level by personally evaluating the vehicle. Nothing beats an on-site assessment by a knowledgeable, qualified professional. They visually inspect and document the vehicle to report its condition in detail, provide an objective opinion, and often a valuation appraisal of the automobile. It’s far more accurate than relying solely on photos and descriptions supplied by the seller.

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