BMW or Corvette?

BMW or Corvette?

Hey, Duane here! Post 9/11, the economy faltered creating deals for those willing to spend money. My cars were paid off so the time was right to finance a new car!

BMW M Coupe

I was intrigued with the 2002 BMW M Coupe, a high-performance variant of the BMW Z3 convertible in shooting-brake form. This two-seater was quite distinctive. The dealer had a bright blue M Coupe on the showroom. We soon settled on a discounted price, and I returned the next day for a test-drive.

BMW M Coupe
BMW M Coupe

The 2002 M Coupe was powered by the 3.2L 315-hp inline-6 with 5-speed manual transmission. Surprisingly, the test drive was disappointing. I hoped for fun and exciting, yet I found refined and reserved. I loved the look of the M Coupe but exited the BMW dealership wondering whether I should consider alternatives. On the way home, I visited Chevrolet.

Corvette Z06

Even post 9/11, demand outpaced supply for the 2002 Corvette Z06, a fixed hardtop, high-performance version Corvette featuring 405-hp V8 and 6-speed manual transmission. The northside Chevy dealer had one in their cleanup bay. Although reserved for another customer, the salesman invited me back the next day to experience a test-drive. Truly knowledgeable, he sold me on the merits of the Z06.

It was easy to conclude that the Corvette Z06 was THE CAR for me. It was raw and sensory, a stimulating mix of my Supra and Typhoon. I felt bad for the BMW salesperson as I declined to purchase the M Coupe.

Price Negotiation

At the beginning of 2002, the economy still struggled. BMW discounted the M Coupe and Chevrolet offered $2002 off new vehicles. The northside Chevy dealer also offered a $1000 discount to join their wait list to purchase a Corvette Z06.

My work slowed the next day so I looked online at local Corvette inventories. A far southside dealer had two new Z06’s in stock, shocking until I learned they wanted above sticker. And they were surprised the northside dealer was discounting with a wait list. After back and forth discussions, the southside dealer agreed to price match.

I left work early and a friend drove me to the far southside where that Chevy dealer had a choice of red or blue Z06 in stock. My decision was simple as I was keeping my red Supra. I wanted the bright blue metallic Z06.

Corvette Z06 Coupe
Corvette Z06 (like mine)

All was fine until the paperwork didn’t mesh with the price match discussed. After I started to walk out, the dealer quickly corrected the “misunderstanding”. Soon thereafter, I drove home in my newly financed 2002 blue Z06….in the pouring rain. By morning, the rain dried but was replaced by light snowflakes as I drove to work. Not a fitting start for my new Corvette.

Garage Dilemma

Now I owned four cars but still had only a two-car garage. In two weeks, see the resolution to the garage issue and what I spontaneously purchased soon thereafter. Meanwhile, next Sunday is a sequential summary of my first 13 cars. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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  1. I found the M3 coupe to be a very interesting and unique looking car. I love hatchbacks for some reason. The M3 was one of the only BMW’s I found comfortable, but I was Driving a 1999 Ford F150 Lightning and was severely limited in garage space. I still have the Lightnig, so it must have been the right choice.

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