Avanti II Second Chance

Avanti II Second Chance

Hey, Duane here! Almost a year after missing the opportunity to see an Avanti II for sale, there was another advertised in June 2005. I was surprised to learn that it was the same car from the previous year.

This seller was the previous purchaser. His wife disliked the 1978 Avanti II and eventually convinced him to sell it. This was my second chance. I had to see it

Planned Meeting

We were to meet the following afternoon. I was excited until receiving a shocking call that next morning. The seller cancelled the appointment with only the briefest of explanations that something happened to the car. A few days later he explained that he accidentally clipped a parked car along a country road and damaged the front corner.

Avanti II Repairs

His plan was to repair the Avanti II and then sell it. I drove to see the damage firsthand and noticed the paint was faded everywhere. Thus, repairing and repainting only the damaged section was insufficient, and I politely told him so. This car deserved a complete repaint.

Then I spoke with his chosen body shop that specialized in fiberglass-bodied cars. Once I had a clearer vision of the costs, I negotiated a hefty discount to purchase the Avanti in its damaged state. Afterwards, I drove it directly to the body shop, where it remained for a year. By the time it was done, I would have rather had the money than the car.

Repainted Avanti II side view
Avanti II (after repainting)

Dream Home

I bought the Avanti II around the same time I found my dream home in 2005. This house was a bank repo needing many repairs and upgrades. Consequently, the money devoted to the car could have been spent on home renovations. When I received the call in 2006 that the car was completed, I was not excited. It meant I had to finish paying the body shop.

Repainted Avanti II front
Avanti II (after repainting)

Stunning Beauty

The beautifully painted metallic pewter exterior of the Avanti II coordinated well with its original red velour and vinyl seats and red shag carpet. As striking as it was, I still would have rather had the money for my house.

Avanti II original interior
Avanti II Interior

Memorable Drive Home

Driving the Avanti home from the body shop, I approached a red light and pulled alongside a semi-trailer truck slowing in the next lane. Suddenly I heard a loud noise, like a crash.

My car was fine. So was my housemate following behind. The adjacent semi-trailer blocked my side vision so I continued driving when the light turned green. It was not until arriving home that my housemate clarified that odd situation.

I had been unable to see the driver following the semi-trailer who fixated on the Avanti rather than watching the road. That car drove into the rear of the semi-trailer. I don’t know how serious the impact, but hopefully they were not injured.

Garaging the Avanti at home was not the only change mid-2006. Only weeks beforehand, I purchased another vehicle. Next Sunday, learn what new car parked in the garage. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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