Attack Lincoln

Attack Lincoln

Hey, Duane here! Only once did I come close to being run over. And I did it to myself. This is my story.

1969 Lincoln Mark III

In 2007, my recently purchased 1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible provided a great open-air experience, but I also desired a classic Lincoln.

I previously owned two 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III’s during 2001-2002 and 2003-2004. I wished I still owned my second one. That ongoing passion fueled my desire to buy another. I had one spot open in the garage behind my rental house and eventually found an affordable Lincoln Mark III for sale in a neighboring state. It was a 1969 model in maroon with black vinyl top and black leather interior.

After my recently successful, sight-unseen purchase of the 1974 Cadillac convertible, I gambled on this classic Lincoln Mark III in 2007. Pictures seldom provide the full visual detail seen in person, and when this maroon Lincoln arrived via carrier, it was not quite as nice as I envisioned. Its condition ranked a close third behind my two previous Mark III’s and looked better from a slight distance. But overall, it was acceptable considering the price paid.

Maroon 1969 Lincoln Mark III
1969 Lincoln Mark III (nicer than mine)

Three Years Later in 2010

I drove this maroon 1969 Lincoln Mark III occasionally for about three years, but over time accepted that it was not nice enough to keep long term. One afternoon I pulled it out of the garage to take pictures. As taught, I did not immediately turn off the car, thus allowing moisture to dissipate as the exhaust warmed.

The Incident

After positioning the car, I placed the transmission lever in Park, lifted my foot from the brake, and opened the driver’s door. The carburetor idle was high as the choke was still engaged. Stepping out of the Lincoln, one foot on the driveway and the other mid-air, the car started to move backwards. My instinct was to quickly stick my right foot inside to press the brake pedal, but my leg could not reach.

Then the open driver’s door spun me around, knocking me to the ground as the car moved backwards. I could have easily been run over by the front tire as it brushed past. Fortunately, no part of my body was directly in the tire’s path after the open door scraped over me.

The Impact

The car travelled about 30 feet before impacting the front deck railing post. Scraped and bruised, I ran to the Lincoln and turned it off. That impact with the deck post placed a large V-shaped crease in the center of both the rear bumper and deck lid while the adjacent railing post scraped the rear side of the car.

Apparently, Park was not fully engaged, and the shifting of my weight stepping out of the car dislodged the transmission from Park into Reverse. Had it already been in Reverse, the car would have started moving as I lifted off the brake pedal.

Whatever the cause, the damage was serious enough to not have it repaired, fully repainted, and cosmetic issues addressed. It would be smarter to purchase another Lincoln in nicer condition. Eventually this car sold “as-is” for several hundred dollars, thousands less than its purchase price.

Now rewinding to January 2008, months after first purchasing this Lincoln, I learned of a new car company accepting deposits on their first model. Next Sunday, read about this opportunity. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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