Alluring Birth

Alluring Birth

Bam, the word Allure hit one morning! Maybe I read it, maybe I heard it, maybe I dreamt it. I truly don’t remember.

Combine Allure with Auto, it’s catchy. Allure quickly became Alluring, and Alluring Autos was born. I searched for, and the web address was surprisingly available. Was this my lucky day?

Alluring Autos was available on Facebook too. A definite sign. I quickly registered and initiated the Facebook page. Then I asked a passionate car friend to help develop Alluring Autos.

Alluring Autos, Lineup of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti

What is Alluring Autos?

Alluring Autos is a creative entity promoting a passion for cars. It encompasses the website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. combines a weekly quirky blog, cool car pictures, helpful information and suggestions, and automotive links. Follow us on Instagram and connect on Facebook for interesting automotive posts, pictures, and opportunities to comment and share experiences.

Alluring Autos Team

I’m Duane and my Alluring Autos partner is Mark. We’re the pilot and co-pilot of this adventure. Friends for six years, we both love cars. He’s an expert on exotics whereas I’m more knowledgeable on older cars.

Co-pilot Mark introduced me to Cars & Coffee. I was hooked immediately on the informal Saturday morning gatherings. He also introduced me to Carmel’s Artomobilia, a late August feast of enthusiast and collector cars. We attended Mecum auctions in Indianapolis and annual auto shows in Chicago and New York. Acres of interesting cars and well worth the experiences.

We love backroad drives on two-lane roads over winding and hilly terrain. Sometimes just one car, sometimes with friends or sports car groups. If you’ve never experienced a backroads drive, venture out one afternoon. The scenery is beautiful and the drive exhilarating.

Alluring Passion

Alluring automobiles tempt, entice, and seduce! Driven by a passion for cars, Alluring Autos welcomes all. New and old, exotic and classic, sporty and elegant. If it’s alluring, then we’re interested and hope you are too.

Alluring Autos is art and pictures, humorous car experiences, quick-reference sources, interesting automotive posts, information and links on car values, where to buy or sell, insurance, etc.

We are in the infancy stage having just begun to crawl. Join Alluring Autos and help us grow. Visit LIKE us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Next week meet THE PICKLE as we begin blogging weekly about humorous car experiences. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

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