Accident Magnet

Accident Magnet

Hey, Duane here! Those first couple of years owning the 1993 GMC Typhoon were especially fun, meeting other owners, drag racing, and attending regional gatherings in Chicago.

Accident Magnet, GMC Typhoon
1993 GMC Typhoon with Cowl Hood added

Accident Magnet

My Typhoon became better, faster, more responsive over time. Too raw, too sensory for some, but I was hooked. I loved my Typhoon and kept it for 18 ½ years, upgrading its performance over the course of adding almost 60k miles to the odometer. It transitioned from a bad weather vehicle to a pleasure vehicle, continuing to do everything well, including light hauling. Sadly, it was also an accident magnet.

Hit While Parked

The first accident occurred while parked behind a building. Someone drove off the side street, over the curb, past the sidewalk, and hit both my Typhoon and an adjacent car. The driver didn’t stick around. My Typhoon was drivable, but it had been in such perfect condition.

Hit from Behind

Late one evening, the roads were slick with snow. Stopped at an intersection, the car behind me had difficulty stopping. At the next light, same situation. At the third light, that same car slid into the Typhoon. The damage was not severe, but he had no insurance and denied responsibility. He lost in court!

Slide Off

A houseguest borrowed my Typhoon and slid on fresh snow into a shallow drainage ditch three blocks from home. Removal necessitated a tow truck. Fortunately, the fresh snow blanket and moist, semi-frozen ground softened the impact so the Typhoon suffered only minor damage. It spit mud for weeks.

Snow Bank

The Typhoon was short and easy to park. Unfortunately, I overlooked a protruding knot on a curbside snow bank. The body cladding over the rear wheel brushed against that protruding snow bank as I parallel parked. The impact was incredibly minor, but it still cracked the aging plastic cladding. It was surprisingly difficult and expensive to locate replacement cladding so many years after production.

Black GMC Typhoon, rear view
1993 GMC Typhoon
Sorry, no accident photos!

Accidents Impact Values

These accidents were all minor and fully repairable, injuring only my pride. But, they also impacted the Typhoon’s value.

Did you know that an accident decreases a car’s value, even after being properly repaired?  Next Sunday, learn the impact that an accident has on car values and how possibly to be reimbursed. Thanks, and always drive with allure!

Accident Magnet, GMC Typhoon

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