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Alluring Autos is an expanding source for car enthusiasts. Here we share car ownership tips, links to helpful websites, and interesting car photos.

Born of the simple idea to promote a passion for cars, we interact with alluring automobiles at car shows, gatherings, and on the road. And we post pictures of our experiences on this website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Car Ownership Tips

Our classic car and collector car ownership tips are divided into sections covering Buy/Sell, Car Values, Insurance, Financing, and Diminished Value. We hope you find these car tips helpful.

Car Enthusiasts, Car Tips, Car ownership tips
1974 Cadillac Eldorado convertible
Car Enthusiasts, Car Tips, Car ownership tips
1978 Avanti II
Car Tips, Car ownership tips
1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Buying or Selling?

Frustrated trying to locate that specific cool car? We agree as it can be confusing knowing where best to devote time searching websites. Therefore, we suggest specific websites, auctions, and others that market a wide range of enthusiast and collector cars for sale.

What’s It Worth?

Want to know what that cool or classic car is worth? We suggest websites that value alluring automobiles and highlight the benefits of an official appraisal or inspection.


Did you know that stated value and agreed value insurance are not interchangeable terms? Click insurance for a quick distinction and a partial list of suggested companies offering specialty car insurance.


And we remind car enthusiasts of the possibilities for financing that cool or collector car.

Heard of Diminished Value?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, be aware of the realities of diminished value.

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